Firebird's Wood Fired Grill Restaurant Can Be HCG Safe

You can do the HCG diet even when you have a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary dinner.  Just make the right choices and you will be amazed at your scale the next morning.

Don't even look at that baked potato but feast your eyes on that filet with blue cheese sauce.  I ate that entire steak last night 7 oz with the blue cheese sauce and Firebird's spiced pecan green beans as well as 3 glasses of red wine and woke up to a 1 pound loss this a.m.

I just had to share this tidbit of information because I am often asked what can I eat if I go out with friends and can I drink and what can I drink and how much???  I wouldnt suggest you are the big lush I was with 3 glasses but you can seriously get away with 1 or 2 no problem.

Most restaurants don't share their recipes but I ran into Firebirds blog when I was looking for pictures to post of my awesome dinner that worked on my diet.   Check it out!

Firebird Restaurants Blog

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