Crack Nuts The Most Popular HCG Diet Stall Breaker

Looking for an HCG Diet Stall breaker that works?

Macadamia Nuts are one of the most popular and most effective HCG Diet stall breakers. 

 These tiny little crack nut morsels are so effective in fact that when used 
properly can result in up to a 4 pound fat loss according to most HCG Dieters that have tried this little trick.

Most people are completely surprised that just one serving of these nuts added to your regular daily HCG Diet can produce such great fat loss generating results.  

The trick is to consume only 1 serving or 10 nuts.  Most HCG Dieters have nick named these mac nuts, crack nuts because it is very difficult to eat just 10 and many times the dieter loses control, eats more and then the next day the scale has the adverse effect.

If you can control yourself and stick to just one serving this might just be a handy little fat burning trick to help you easily shed some excess weight.

Why does this work you wonder?  It works the same way that the Atkins principal works.  Adding high fat foods to turn your body into a fat burning machine.  Mac nuts are one of the highest fat nuts and these happen to do the trick. 

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