P3 Ideas Make Guacamole

To make the best guacamole every get a couple of really ripe avacados and cut them in half.  Scoop out the inside with a spoon and save the pit.  Some people put the pits in the guacamole and they say it keeps the avacado from turning brown.   I never tried it til recently and I didnt notice a difference but, I thought I would let you know anyway.  So mash these up using a fork with some sour cream and some lemon & lime juice.  I use low fat sour cream but, you can use full fat and I use about 1/4 of the lemon and up to 2 limes depending on how it tastes.  Then add your home made salsa and some shredded cheddar cheese and you have way better than in a restaurant  guacamole and its virtually carb free!

What you will need:

2 avacados
1 lemon
2 limes
home made salsa
sour cream
cheddar cheese

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