HCG P3 Pizza Pita's

This is another amazing spur of the moment hubby creation and of course its all HCG P3 style.  He has really changed his eating habits right along with me which has been such a huge help.  When you get to eat things that are healthy for you and taste amazing at the same time it sure does make it easy to make the change.

This recipe takes a couple seconds to put together and you are so lucky that I am sharing!!

whole wheat pita pockets
pepper jack cheese
fresh basil

to make quick and easy tomato sauce blend on low
3 tomatoes and two peeled garlic cloves and set aside

arrange pita pockets on a bake pan spoon a couple tablespoons of sauce onto pita  add chopped onion, fresh chopped basil, spinach, cheese, and salami

bake on 400 - 450 for 15 - 20 minutes
baking time will depend on your oven and how much cheese etc you put on pizza.  I like mine cooked at 450 for 20 minutes cuz I like it crunchy and brown on the bottom.  This tastes so good you wont order another greasy take out!

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