P2 P3 Tacos in a Hurry!

 This is a quick and easy lunch or dinner and truthfully I use it for both P2 and P3 and it works for both.  I just get to eat more in P3 if I need to. 


I have cooked the tortilla shells in coconut oil until brown then added cheese till melted.  The roast beef is just warmed up in the microwave and comes out tasting like you slaved for hours over the stove.   I usually add salsa or my own chipotle sauce made from fat free sour cream or Greek yogurt.  When I am not in a hurry I also add sauteed onions and peppers in lime juice


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    1. Emily I try to use the AZ brand whenever I can. They are pictured here http://www.hcgp3.com/2010/11/p3-tortilla-chips-with-guacamole.html I like them because they are just 30 calories. I find them at Walmart usually and Fry's grocery stores if I cant find those then I would just look for the next best. I usually study all the labels and pick the one with the least amount of calories and the least sugar content.