Beginning of a New Round! This is a typical HCG menu for the day

It is just a few days after Thanksgiving and I got a bit out of control this time eating foods I normally wouldn't eat or at least haven't been eating since I began HCG a little more than a year ago September 09.  I finally just said o.k. that is it I gotta get back on the losing track before I gain more weight.  It can come back on just as fast as you lost it if you aren't careful.  I noticed that it seems to come back the same way it left at a fairly quick pace of about 1-3 pounds per day.  That is kinda scary!  I have to look at myself again and figure out what is going on with me that would make me do these things that I have learned make me nothing but, fat and miserable.   So here is the honest disgusting truth......I put 20 pounds on.  I am ashamed of myself and I realize that these are the feelings that have contributed to my extreme weight fluctuations of the past.  I really felt myself losing control and feeling very helpless leading up to Thanksgiving which made it easier to eat all the things I wouldn't normally dare.  These are the same thoughts that got me to 300 pounds.  Now I have only been on a break since the week before Halloween.  I did a great job at first but, I let 5 pounds get to 10, etc didn't do as many steak days as I should of and I didn't move much this time.  I have been pretty lazy and have been able to find all kinds of excuses not to exercise.  Not sure why I had this insane energy where I couldn't wait to walk as many miles every single day as my feet would carry me during my previous rounds and now I have absolutely no motivation but,  it doesn't really matter.  I need to reset, regroup, visualize what I really want, visualize what I want to look like, what size I want to be, etc.   I know that I can do this.  I have done this.  I see others doing this and this diet really is amazing.  The confidence that it gives you is incredible and worth millions in itself.

After just one day of VLC I am down 3 pounds which isn't nearly as much as many other first day impressive numbers but, its the start to a new me and finally getting below 200 pounds.  This is what I ate my first day that resulted in the loss.
HCG Tacos
These are some of my favorite things while on HCG.  These foods all help to keep me satisfied and it doesn't feel like being on a diet.  I cooked these tortillas in coconut oil till crisp for lunch then added taco meat, onions and green peppers sauteed in coconut oil with the juice of 1 lime and then on top is my chipotle sauce.

HCG Strawberry Lemon Icy!
 You guys are gonna thank me!  This is a great little treat and really easy to make.  I add about 3 cups of Crystal Light Lemonade to my blender, 6 or 7 frozen strawberries that are the size you see in the picture, blend.  Thank me with your comments!

This was my dinner and it was awesome.  I actually liked this grass fed top sirloin from Trader Joe's even better than the last couple pieces of filet that I have had.  I cooked it a little differently just to change things up and not get bored.

HCG Top Sirloin with Grilled Onions and Green Beans
I marinated this steak for approximately 10 minutes prior to cooking with braggs amino acids, worchestire sauce, taragon, pepper, garlic, and fresh rosemary.  I used approximately 1 1/2 tsp of coconut oil to cook this steak.  Sprinkle lemon juice, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper on your green beans.

This drink is so filling and satisfying that I had one for dinner as well.  I got a huge glass which took me quite some time to finish.

Almost forgot to include the 10 macadamia nuts I had and also 2 cups of coffee in the morning with sugar free creamer, splenda, and even real whip cream.

 Yes, I know it doesnt sound very HCG but, if you read the South Beach diet you would have an understanding of how I can get away with that and how you can too!


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