That's Not on the HCG Protocol!!!! You Can't Eat That! Yes You Can!

pumpernickel bread toasted in a pan with a small amount of butter (yep butter), 1 ounce of cheese, cilantro, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  Why Pumpernickel?  It is a low GI food.  I estimate this meal to be approximately 300 calories
You are right!  These two meals seem to break all the Dr. Simeon's HCG Diet Protocol rules but continually work each and every time.  This is not on the HCG Protocol but this is how I make the diet work for me and these were the two meals that I had yesterday which resulted in a 2.4 lb weight loss for just 1 day.  I also had 3 cups of coffee with sugar free creamer and Splenda as well as lots of water!
3 corn tortillas fried yes I said fried in coconut oil, taco meat, chipotle sauce, tomatoes, green onions, and 1 ounce of cheese.  I estimate this meal to be approximately 350 calories.
This was all that I ate for the day nothing more and nothing less.  I was completely satisfied and with these type of food choices I have no problem sticking to the low cal portion of the diet.  Some have said its because you are so heavy and I guess you just have so much more to lose but, thats not true.  I put these strategies to the test with some of my smaller normal sized (under 200 pounds) friends and family as well as the hundreds of people I run an HCG support group for and they are all amazed that it works for them as well.  Every now and then I might hear of a person that says cheese does not work for them on the diet.  Usually its because they are not actually measuring the cheese as I suggest and in that case its easy to over do it with cheese. 

So why would I be such a rebel and try these types of off protocol foods you ask?  Curiosity peaked my interest when I witnessed other HCG dieters that would eat Ezekial bread and lose or had coffee with sugar free creamer and still experienced a loss.  I thought you have to be kidding!  How is that possible???  I have been suffering with my tiny little piece of chicken and lousy little cucumbers.  I started out slowly and first tried the creamer.  I was amazed that it actually worked!  That sure was going to make a difference for me.  My next experiment was Julian bread and guess what???  That worked too.  I couldnt believe it and I couldnt understand this so it prompted me to start educating myself about this diet and others.  I had the South Beach Diet book for 2 years at that point just sitting around and never looked at anything other than a few of the boring recipes but I started to read it this time from the very beginning and thats when I learned how to turn your body into a fat burning machine and how sugar, carbs, added hormones, and preservatives is what got me to where I was at 300 pounds.  From that point on I have put to use everything that I learned from that book as well as others like The G-Index Diet, The GI Mediterranean Diet, Atkins Diet, as well as various websites such as, & The whole reason I signed up for Dlife was because my mother was diagnosed with type 2 adult onset diabetes and I was concerned and wanted to learn all that I could.  I was also afraid that my weight would trigger the same problem for me.  I have learned that we should all be eating like a diabetic.  The diabetic diet should not just be for diabetics it should just be for people that want to live.  All of these diets are basically the same and this should not be considered a diet but rather a way of life.  I do my best to live this lifestyle everyday now to maintain my 100 pound weight loss and I have found that for every craving you have there is a healthier substitution that will taste great and help you to either take the pounds off or not put anymore on.  This website is one of my newest discoveries to help maintain that lifestyle and to find a substitute for almost every craving you can think of check them out!

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