Rather than Blowing your Diet Go Through the Drive Thru

 I don't always have time or even feel like starting to cook after some of my hectic days.  Luckily Wendy's Restaurants has an easy answer to my dilemma with their tasty Apple Pecan Chicken Salad.  I use the little pkg of nuts and just one of the dressings.  This salad tastes amazing and also helps to aid my weight loss efforts even while injecting HCG.  I have been experimenting with this salad now since it came out probably a little more than a year ago and each time I have tried it while on P2 it has produced optimum results of 1 pound or more lost each time. 

I have had quite a few people tell me lately that they couldn't stick to it because their job took them on the road or they were away from home and not able to make meals.  When I shared this salad idea it seemed to perk them right up and the response was always excitement that they didn't know they could have something like this.  I have been hearing the results come in and they have all been very positive.  So rather than blow your diet next time do a drive by.

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