What is a Fage Day?

Fage Greek Yogurt (pronounced fa-yeh) is growing in popularity amongst the HCG dieters community daily and thats probably because of its amazing thick creamy/silky consistency.  This Greek yogurt tastes nothing like 0% fat and is even more amazing when you add a little coffee and sweetener to it and maybe a little cocoa powder or your favorite stevia flavor such as English Toffee.  Lots of combinations you could come up with.  Whats your favorite?

Many HCG dieters are doing a Fage day also known as a correction day on either P2 or P3.  If you are P2 most people do approximately 24 ounces of 0% split up throughout the day anyway you like.  They are also adding up to 8 ounces of berries to that along with sweetener usually Stevia.  You can also add your favorite spices to make a dip for veggies or cocoa for a chocolate mousse treat.  P3 would be up to 32 ounces of full fat Fage split up anyway you like throughout the day and the same additions are allowed.  

Where can I find Fage?  I found mine at Costco, my local grocery stores all of them, and Walmart.  If your stores dont carry it you can ask the manager if they would start stocking it for you and usually they will.  In the meantime you can get any plain Greek yogurt and it will taste and work just the same just make sure you look for plain Greek yogurt 0% for P2.

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  1. I understand using 0% for P2, but shouldn't you use the Total or higher-fat version for P3? I've never known of a P2 correction day that would not contain fat. I'm willing to learn. Thanks.

    1. Yes you should use the higher fat version for P3 :-)


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