Eggplant Chips

The HCG diet has done a lot of things for me.  One of them is that I was a skeptic and didn't believe a hormone like this could possibly work and those doing it must be idiots.  Boy did I feel like an idiot calling them idiots after I lost my first 75 pounds :-)

The discovery of HCG has taught me that I don't know everything I thought I knew about diet and exercise and that I needed to have more of an open mind.

The other thing I learned is to try lots of different fruits and veggies and how to eat clean.  I even have my husband branching out and trying new things and in fact these delicious eggplant chips were his idea.  They are perfect for any low carb diet and work well on the maintenance phase or P3 of the HCG Diet.  They are very easy to make just preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

  • Slice eggplant 1/4" thick pieces or thinner for crispier texture
  • Brush eggplant with olive oil both sides
  • sprinkle with garlic powder
  • sprinkle with Parmesan cheese 
  • dash of salt
  • Bake at 400 for approximately 30 minutes.  Time and heat may vary depending on thickness of eggplant and your oven so check on it every few minutes you just want them to become lightly brown

Depending on how thick you like the consistency they can end up being chip like and they taste really good.  Doesn't matter if they are a bit thicker either.  Try them out even the kids will love them!

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