Egg Day Used as Common Stall Breaker

Many HCG dieters may have heard the term egg day. We get lots of emails from readers that would like to know how its done, what it is, and why we do it. An egg day is also known as a common stall breaker.

Its basically a day of all protein and water. The next day should result in a big loss of anywhere between 1-4lbs. Normally we dont do this unless there is a need to and that would be a weight stall of at least 4 days.

On the 4th day you would do an egg day consisting of 6 eggs  eaten throughout the day as you please cooked anyway that you like.  I like to split it up into two meals.  Usually I will have 3 eggs and a piece of  Ezekial bread.   Just a little bit of butter to taste and then the same for dinner along with lots of water.   The next day I can count on a nice loss.  Easter is right around the corner what great timing to try out this stall breaker

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