HCG P2 Coffee Espresso with P2 Safe Creamer

Most of us on the HCG Diet Plan cannot live without our coffee and whats coffee without creamer 

There really is not a creamer per say that is P2 legal.  Most of the typical flavored creamers contain too many chemicals to count, let alone pronounce.  

If you are on the HCG Diet plan then you are trying to rid your body of these chemicals and toxins while flushing away excess unneeded abnormal fat. 

Consuming flavored creamers is not the best idea if you are trying to lose a little extra weight and get into that next size smaller.  The goal is to bring your hypothalamus back to a healthier state and we do that with a complete clean food body detox.

I myself found that I cannot do this diet without coffee and I can't have coffee without creamer. I at least need half and half.   Milk has not quite cut it either but that was until I found a way to prepare the milk to make it more creamer like in consistency and its really simple too.

 The easy way is to whip your milk in a blender or Ninja until it becomes frothy.   That's it!

This is the Ninja that I use to whip my skim milk in.   If you just whip it a little up to 60 seconds it changes the consistency and its a little bit creamier and richer tasting.

If you want to take it a step further you can make your own espresso for just pennies.  I use the Bialetti  that is pictured below.

You just add your grounds and water to the bottom.  Slowly bring it to a boil and now you have your own homemade espresso.

Add a little sweet n low or stevia and your whipped milk and you will be in coffee heaven.

I have had this a year now and got rid of my coffee maker.  I can't go back to regular coffee after being spoiled with this.

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