P3 Is Where Many Dieters Go Wrong

Sometimes it is P3 where a dieter can go wrong.  Many of the clinics and doctors out there today providing the HCG diet have never actually done the diet themselves, so often these people are relying on what they hear, what they see on the web, in support groups etc.

Doctors are not taught about the HCG diet in school so most of the time it is something they cant even comprehend.  Honestly I don't believe anyone could possibly understand unless they have done this diet themselves.  Before I

experienced it myself I thought those doing it already were idiots.  Thankfully I opened my mind and tried something new by giving actual HCG injections a try.

Many times these clinics and doctors just hire someone that has done the diet and they pick that persons brain.  It is not uncommon that the clinic or the doctor that has never done the HCG diet provides some information that is not really the best nor is it accurate.  

How do I know all this?  I manage several HCG support groups online and the information is coming straight from the actual clients of those doctors and clinics themselves.  One story after another and not to mention one of my doctors and I talked about it at length as well so even first hand knowledge.  My own doctor said he didn't understand and he kept asking how do you do this and how do you do that etc. He said he was thinking of starting a program for his practice.

The next time I saw that same doctor he had forgotten our entire conversation and this time when I said something to him about how I was losing weight and doing well he blurted out "I wont put you on anything but if you want to try the HCG diet I will give you $50 bucks off."  This is the same man that only a couple months before didn't understand and kept asking ME for advice on how the HCG diet works.  

These same doctors charge extra for maintenance because they don't understand that the diet is no good unless you complete a min of 3 weeks on maintenance to reset the hypothalamus.  To simplify maintenance it means a no sugar and no starch diet for a min of 3 weeks.

I recently met a woman that was doing HCG injections with one of those very popular clinics that you hear about constantly on the radio and the clinic that was already $700 for a 45 day program was charging an extra $500 to get the maintenance information or what many like to call P3.  What good is this diet without the maintenance information?

P3 is the most important part of this diet and if not followed properly all the weight you just worked so hard to lose will come rushing back with a vengeance.  So hopefully this helps.

When we get to P3 (maintenance) it doesn't mean that you get to eat whatever you like.

You must follow a diet minus sugars and starches for a min of 3 weeks after the completion of a round of injections or min of 25 HCG injections.  Thats it those are the only restrictions put on us in Dr. Simeon's Protocol.  Of course we should probably use some common sense in combination with that one rule.  For some dieters not having structure is the worst thing that can happen but it can also teach us how to eat naturally without having to count calories.

When in P3 you may have the same amount of carbs you allowed yourself in P2 so if you had corn tortillas, sprouted breads, or sour dough on P2 then you can carry that into your P3 with those same limitations.

I limit myself to 1 carb or one serving of a starch per meal in P2 and P3 but only for 2 total meals just like I would if I were on P2.

I realize the protocol says no sugar and no starch for P3 but P2 is also no sugar and no starch yet we are allowed sugars naturally occurring in fruit and also the Grissini which many of you substitute with an alternate carb either a sprouted bread, corn tortillas, or 1 serving of sour dough bread as mentioned above.  We find that this works well for both P2 and P3.

Many people just double their P2 foods when they are in P3.

When in P3 listen for your hunger cues and don't eat out of boredom or while watching t.v. or just because its noon and its time to eat.  If you are not hungry then don't feed your body the calories that it does not need.

Continue to treat yourself right by increasing the amount of vegetables and fruit that you eat.  Your plate should have more veggies on it than anything else.  Get fat into your diet without it your body will not function properly.  I stick to olive oil and coconut oil.

If you find the scale moving up 2 pounds the protocol says to have a steak day.  The steak day would consist of nothing all day except for dinner, a big juicy steak and an apple.  By morning you should have dropped those 2 pounds.  We have tested this theory and split the steak day up into steak and a veggie for lunch and steak and a veggie or lots of veggies for dinner and it works equally as well as not eating all day and then getting in just one meal.

If it is outside of mealtimes and you feel hungry it is o.k. to snack but, try drinking a glass of water first.  Our bodies cannot determine the difference between hunger and thirst so many times when thirsty we are receiving the signal in our brains to eat.  The body does this to survive.  Our bodies can take the food we eat and separate the water that it needs from the food.  Don't make your body do this extra work that it is not intended to do daily by feeding it what it needs first.....water.

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